15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


14. The Relationship Started Out Completely Fake


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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon began their relationship on television in late November of 1999. Stephanie’s character was set to marry Test, but Triple H interrupted the wedding to reveal that he had drugged her, kidnapped her, and tricked a Las Vegas chapel attendant to sign their wedding papers. Because this is wrestling, the incredibly illegality of these actions has long been overlooked, as the point was that Triple H and Stephanie were then married. The two had obviously known each other prior to this incident, but there was no actual relationship between the two of them on a romantic level at this point, and the incident was purely a storyline for television.

It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses working together in close quarters to develop actual feelings for each other, especially if some inkling of similarity already exists between them, and that’s exactly what happened between Triple H and Stephanie. There was an initial attraction between them as with any two attractive entertainers, and the way their characters acted on television allowed Triple H to make his actual affections towards Stephanie known, rubbing her legs and holding her suggestively close during their scripted segments together. It wasn’t long before he asked her out for real and she said yes, starting the relationship that rules the wrestling world to this day.

13. They’ve Been Accused Of Remaining Fake
Via huffingtonpost.com
Via huffingtonpost.com

The entertainment industry can occasionally be a pretty shady place, and professional wrestling might be one of its darkest and most questionable corners. Wrestlers are constantly suspected to be forging relationships with bigger name talent and people in higher positions in order to help their own careers, as political games tend to be one of the most important facets of the wrestling industry. It’s for this reason that many people have seen Triple H’s natural ambition and accused him of completely fabricating his love for Stephanie and commitment to their marriage just so he could one day be in charge of WWE.

Other wrestlers have accused Triple H of this with little proof, but former WWE writer Dan Madigan was actually able to tell a personal story he felt said it all. One evening, Madigan, Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H were all in a car together, and Vince and Stephanie fell asleep. Madigan claims Triple H stared at them with a conqueror’s contempt, only to laugh when Madigan noticed. Its kind of impossible to tell whether or not two people are actually in love aside from simply to trust them, but enough people have questioned Triple H that perhaps Stephanie needed to take notice. Of course, with the intelligence of a McMahon, she did…