5 WWE Events that Shocked Everyone


Anything can happen in WWE. Vince McMahon’s company loves that mantra and employs it every time something big goes down. It is cliché and overused to some, but for long-time fans, truer words have never been spoken.

The fact that WWE still has the ability to pull off even the smallest of surprises is actually quite shocking. In the information age, anyone that wants to know how the industry works is just one Google search away from learning everything.

Indeed WWE has surely found it very difficult to hide various storylines, as well as twists and turns in recent years. Though to know the future ruins it for many, there are just as many that feel they have to be “in the know” all the time.Image result for wwe events


But just because it’s tougher than it ever has been for WWE to provide those jaw-dropping moments, does not mean they don’t still happen. Those moments are important, because they readily remind fans of just how fun the business can be when it’s truly unpredictable.

Without surprises, the product becomes woefully dull and very boring. The occasional stunner and unexpected event keep fans hooked, and coming back for more. That’s the allure of pro wrestling, and no one does it better than WWE.

The company has had a lot of practice after all, and will surely continue to do so. WWE sets the bar and raises it every time.Image result for wwe events