B-Town Celebs Who Stay In Rented House While Others Have Their Apartment.


Bollywood divas. Well known for their charm. They earn crores per movie which they sign. Girls feel envy & jealousy with them for their attire, expensive items, & outfits as they spend a majority of their earnings on it & they just love doing such. Do You suppose some Babes of Bollywood still stay in a rental apartment?

Check out the B-town divas who stay rented while others got their own apartment.

Katrina Kaif Despite being one of the highest paid actresses. From her natural beauty to her fashion statements, good acting skills. There was a time when she used to live in a rented flat. But now she owns an apartment with a huge balcony which gives the view of Arabian sea.Image result for katrina kaif

However, the beautiful Diva’ actress Anushka Sharma was first living in a rented apartment somewhere in Versova. This beauty with brain recently owned a luxurious flat at Lokhandwala area of Mumbai.Image result for Anushka Sharma