10 Natural Ways To Overcome Period Cramps


Menstrual period is part of life for females and for some it is very simple and regular. But for many of the females it is very rough time of the month. Menstrual period occurs because of hormonal changes in the body and these hormones are strictly regulated in body. Even slightest imbalance in hormonal level can disturbance in menstrual cycle and may cause excessive bleeding, irregular cycle, pain and discomfort and many other symptoms.

Sometimes these symptoms are so sever that you may need to consult your doctor. Pain and cramps are regular parts of period and they are very discomforting.  In this article we are showing you 10 ways to cop with menstrual pain and cramps which will help you and relax you for sure.



Eat a banana. Banana contains potassium, which may reduce cramps and pain associated with cramps. Banana is also good source of energy and it will help in getting rid of fatigued feeling.