Know Everything About Vitamins


Vitamins are very essential for body’s growth and normal functioning. They are needed in very small amount but they serve the big purpose in body. Vitamins should be taken every day in daily diet for staying healthy. If you have deficiency (Lack of) of vitamins then you can take supplements which are available in market. If you balance your diet well then you will not face deficiency of vitamins. Vitamins are knows for their role in blood cell formation, bone formation to preventing certain types of cancers. Vitamins are found in foods like fresh fruits & vegetables, nutrient dense protein foods and whole grains. To get enough of each vitamin or mineral, it is best to always eat a wide and colorful variety of vegetables. To make your life easier and simpler we are going to show you source and benefits of major vitamins.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A
Function: Promote good vision,
normal growth, and healthy nerve
Sources: Liver, yellow & orange
fruits ...


Majority of us knows that Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision but other than Vitamin A is needed for health skin, hair and also it prevents occurrence of Acne.