OMG!Top 15 WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions!


15. Cameron

via Twitter

via Twitter

WrestleMania XXX was an epic night for the WWE. The fans would witness their unwashed hero Daniel Bryan capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship while as well as the conquering of The Streak at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

That night in New Orleans also featured a Divas Championship Invitational style match which basically placed every Diva on the main roster in the ring at the same time. Unfortunately for one participant, a faulty top would expose her to the world on the “grandest stage of them all.”

What’s weird about this malfunction is that this will be known as Cameron’s WrestleMania Moment.

14. Aksana



You may recall Aksana as the on-screen girlfriend of Cesaro or one half of Foxsana (an alliance formed with Alicia Fox). Certainly not the most memorable Diva of all time but she was there … for a while.

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What may ultimately become her claim to WWE fame was a match on Monday Night Raw where Aksana would fall victim to the double-dose wardrobe malfunction when both her breast and a portion of her backside were exposed.